20 Nov

Things That Can Make You Sound Beautiful While Singing

There is a big difference between singing good and singing beautifully. When you sing beautifully people are dying to listen to your singing. They consider it a treat for their ears to listen to your voice while singing. Before you can impress people with your voice you have to know how to sing beautifully. People who have just started to sing are often unaware of the many factors that play a huge role in making a person sound beautiful. The first and most important thing to sing beautifully is to know the right scale for your voice.

Every voice is different and has its own scale within which it sounds most beautiful. You have to know about this particular scale because whenever you sing in that scale you will sound beautiful and at your best. Sing a song in your most compatible scale and the same song in a different scale and you will easily be able to notice the difference. Why you sound beautiful when singing at your most suitable scale is because you are able to add waves and other effects to your voice naturally and more easily. On a different scale, you might have to put in some efforts for the same effects.

Get a piano or some other similar instrument that you can play along with your singing. Such instruments are used to match your voice with their notes. When you do so you are making your voice hit the exact notes as are on the instrument. By regularly singing while accompanied by a piano or similar instrument, you will notice a huge change in how you sing. As you match your voice with the notes on your piano, you get used to singing in tune and at the right pitch.

Sing from your throat and mouth, not your nose. This is a problem that many singers would not realize unless someone points it out for them. This comes naturally to a person and thats why it is hard to get rid of this problem. Nasal tones are not welcomed much in the music world. The best way to know if you have a nasal tone is to know block your nose with your thumb and index finger and then try to sing the song. If your voice becomes nasal and you are having a hard time singing, you have a nasal tone and you need to get rid of it soon.

Sing songs with expressions to bring feelings in your words. Some people would sing with a flat face. While there should be no restriction on the way a person likes to sing, it is true that your voice carries more emotions when you sing with expressions. It is difficult in the beginning to sing in this way because a person is constantly conscious of their facial expression and looking funny. The truth is that you dont look funny and singing in this way rather adds emotions to your singing and allows you to touch the hearts of your listeners better.

7 Nov

A Beginner’s Guide To The Various Types Of Flutes

The flute is a highly melodic and gorgeous wind instrument that we consider as the oldest music instrument invented by man. The oldest flute was discovered approximately 43000 years ago, and the inventor manufactured it from the juvenile bears femur bone. You can check out this site for more information on flutes. Human beings have continued to develop this instrument, and we have various types of flutes in the modern generation. As a beginner, you need to understand some of these categories before you visit a music store to purchase one. A full range of these collections is a contribution of the flute players themselves. Here are some of the most common flutes you can find on the market.

Rim-Blown Flutes

The Rim-blown type of flute allows you to blow air across the top section of the pipe where it splits because it has a sharp edge or notch that produces the desired music note. Some people refer to this kind of music instrument as the notched flutes.

End Blown Flutes

You play this kind of music instrument by blowing the end of the pipe or tube. Some of the examples that fall in this category include the Ney, Danso, Kaval, Quena, and Xiao. You can view some of these models from any music store in your neighborhood.

Duct Flutes

While using this flute, you blow air into a channel and allow it to travel through a sharp edge and produce a musical tone. You can also refer to it as the fipple flutes.

Side Blown Flutes

You hold and play this type of flute either horizontally or sideways. You blow into this model of flute by using a hole that is located on the sideways of the instrument to produce the desired sound. Some artists refer to this kind of music device as the transverse flute.
Classification of modern types of flutes

We can categorize current types of flutes into six broad categories depending on the tone and pitch. This section presents a quick guide to these kinds of flutes.

Concert Flute in C

This flute has an extensive range of over 3 octaves and has its pitch in C.

Alto flute in G

This type of flute is notated a fourth above its original sound. The Alto flute in G is a fascinating transposing type of a flute. It has a different tone and pitch in comparison to the musical pitch written for it.

Bass Flute in C

This kind of flute has one lower pitched octave than the ordinary ones. The primary aim of inventing the Bass Flute in C was to substitute the Jazz music saxophone in the early 1920s.
Soprano Flute in E Flat
This type of flute is almost similar to the concert flute in C and has the same range over 3 octaves.

Treble Flute in G

This is a flute that has a broad range over 3 octaves beginning with g1 and has a highly melodious tone. It is a transposing type of a flute that produces a tone that is fourth lower than its original sound.

Tenor Flute

The flute is pitched 1 step lower than the C musical flute that is in the B flat. Most artists believe that the tenor flute has been in existence since the mediaeval times.

In conclusion, we have both closed ended and open ended flutes. Open ended models can be open on both or one side. They offer more harmonics and flexibility to the player. Some good examples of open ended flutes are the reorder and the concert flutes. Closed ended flutes include the Xun, pan pipes, and Ocarina among others. You need to spend some time to compare the quality and prices of different flutes before you buy any. You can also get some advice from flute experts or your music teacher.

5 Oct

How To Choose The Best Dance Lessons

You can easily exercise and meet new people through dance lessons. It is very hard to enroll for a music dance class if you are not aware of where to begin. We have several styles you can select from as a dancer and each of them has its appeal. There is a lot of information on dance lessons that you can find here. The main purpose of this article is to guide you on how you can choose the right dance lessons.

Ballet will provide you with the Foundation

Ballet lessons are very formal classes that will assist you to develop your stamina, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Each class starts with stretching and bending exercises to allow you to loosen your muscles before you start. These classes require a particular outfit for you to practice. You must put on ballet shoes and an outfit that will allow your instructor to watch each movement while rehearsing. This is basically leotard and tights. You need to coordinate with the studio before you attend the first class to find out the best artier. It will take you some time to learn ballet. However, once you grasp the basics, you can easily translate the techniques into all other forms of dances.

Tap dance classes Provide Aerobic Exercises

Tap dance lessons offer aerobic exercises and are the best way to get your heart pumping. This technique uses different combinations and steps to display traditional dancing music and show tunes. Some instructors avoid the use of music as they think it interferes with the dancing style they are teaching. You will always begin each lesson with a brief preview of what you have learned up to that point and some warm up exercises. You can then learn some new steps or continue working on a specific performance. You need to note that it is not very easy to pick up tap dancing. You will take some time to master each movement, and it may be frustrating for some learners. It is better to start with a cheap pair of shoes until you are very sure that you will continue with the class. This class is not for everyone as it needs a lot of determination.

Jazz classes are best for beginner

Jazz classes are fast and allow you to move to the latest music. This dance style has been in existence for several decades and rose popularity in the 1970’s and 80’s. Some of the classes you can enroll for include lyrical, musical theater, modern and classical just to name a few. You can put on any outfit that is comfortable and allows you to move freely. Like any other dance lessons, you need to begin each session with some warm ups. You can later engage in several combinations across the floor by practicing turns, leaps, and steps that you learned in previous classes. You can then learn new chirography that you can perform in a group. Jazz is best for beginners who want to learn dancing but are not sure of the best technique. It is an excellent source of exercise though it’s more relaxed than other dance lessons.

Ballroom is very good for Partners

The ballroom is a very popular style on television dancing competitions. The style ranges from the Mambo, Tango, Rumba, Waltz, and Foxtrot among others. The wide variety implies that you have several options as you schedule for your dancing lessons. You can pair up with your instructor at the initial stages of your lessons. However, you may need multiple partners as you continue with the classes.
You should ensure that dancing classes are not intimidating. You should try several styles before you settle on the one you enjoy most. You should note that you cannot be perfect at the initial stages.

23 Sep

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Singing

The most important things for singing lessons are vocal techniques and breathing exercises. Grasping these two aspects is the only way to fast track your singing lessons before you can learn music concepts and theories. There is a lot of information on this site that can assist you to enhance your singing techniques. Here are some tips on how to improve your singing. Its imperative to understand these guidelines if you want to become a better artist.

Pronounce consonants and vowels as you sing

Singing is all about talking to somebody or everyone. You should make sure that the audience hears your message. People will identify you as a good singer if you can pronounce your words correctly while you sing. The correct diction is critical when it comes to singing.

Create a solid and full sound

These are very simple exercises, but they are imperative when it comes to learning to sing. Apart from exercising and increasing your vocal range, you need to develop a stable and strong voice while singing. You can achieve this objective through regular warm up exercises if you wish to create a robust and solid singing sound. As a singer, all your audience should get you in a clear manner including those who are very far from the stage. You cant achieve this objective by shouting to your audience but rather developing a strong and solid voice.

Determine and Sing a Pitch

Any music student should aspire to learn how to sing the right pitch. Its good to determine and sing a particular pitch by your music ear. This skill will assist you to confirm that you are on the right track. The best way to determine whether your music ear is getting different pitches is by listening to classical music. You can never learn to sing pitch unless you can hear pitch and distinguish between various pitches.

Sustain and end your tone

In your regular practice, you should sing a tone and try to maintain it for a few minutes. The same case should also apply while ending a song. This approach will not only enhance your singing voice but also inform you of your breathing. You need to shape your skills on this if you want to be a better singer.
Add some emotions to your singing

There is nothing that is as good as an artist feeling his or her song. The only way you can engage and captivate your audience is by showing them that you feel the performance. Feelings will make your audience hook to you and listen to each word of the song. Listeners may not have any attachment to your music if they discover that you have no emotional attachment to the performance.


There are several techniques you can employ if you wish to become a better singer. This article presents a few examples of these vocal techniques. You can learn and master more techniques that can assist you become a professional singer.