20 Oct

Types Of Fishing Boats

If you like fishing and are looking to purchase a fishing boat, research and see what type of boat will work best for your needs.

Bass boats are small crafted and assembled mainly for bass fishing in streams, lake, and rivers. Bass boats are mobilized by two types of motors; the outboard motor and the trolling motor. They are crafted 2-3 anglers to cast lures from open ground. There are professional tournaments games where individuals compete with these types of boats. Bass boat motors can have 150-300 horsepower range. Bass boats have brilliant colors and flashy graphics.

Sport-fishing boats are power boats designed for recreational purposes. These boats were built to cast on open waters and travel at high speed. Sporting fishermen usually fish from a boat, coastline or seacoast. Inshore boat fishing is done in water that is about 30 meters deep. Offshore boat fishing is sometimes referred to deep sea fishing and is more dangerous compared too Inshore because of the distance between the land. Most of these fishermen charter boats rather than owning because of the cost to maintain them.

Aluminum fishing boats are more resourceful. Even though you can hand row these types of boats, they usually come with outboard motors. Aluminum boats also have a wheel mounted near the inner of the boat for steering. Some of these boats are about 12 feet long and can be carried on top of a car or truck rack.

Walk around boats have a full length deck and a small cabin in the middle in front of the console. Most of these boats have steps leading to the bow for more comfort and space. There are two types of walk around boats; designed by production boat manufacturers and those that are built by customer and semi-custom manufacturers.

Bay or flat boats are flat bottom boats that are used to carry freight and passengers. Usually flat boats are large and sturdy and are able to float on water. They were built primarily for farmers to carry their crops and once they arrived to their destination, they are dismantled and taken apart.

Bow river boats are small motor boats that can carry ten to twelve people. These types of boats can be used for fishing, water skiing, or racing. Border boats can have many types of motors (inboards, outboards, jet drives, and inboard-outboard drives).

Cabin cruiser boats are very ample and comfortable to accommodate its crew and passengers. They are furnished with a bed, toilet and land-based kitchen to make and prepare meals. Cabin cruisers also come with air conditioning, heating, and power generators.

Center console boats have a single decked open hull and the console is in the middle of the boat. The boat deck encompasses the console so the person can walk around the boat with comfort.

Cuddy boats are small boats that have a small toilet and small bed and are generally not tall enough to stand on. This fishing boatsboat was mostly used for upscale immigrants to travel in comfort.