12 Nov

How To Choose A Resort To Move To On The Costa Blanca

Popular, glamorous or quiet, choosing the right resort on the Costa Blanca is the key to a successful relocation on this world famous stretch of the Mediterranean.

Claiming over 160 km of coastline and 2500 hours of sunshine a year, the Costa Blanca is a destination for all seasons. Dark or golden sands may be grainy at times but the water is beautifully clear, warm and safe, and a number of beaches are regularly awarded the European Blue Flag for cleanliness.

The largest concentration of resorts is to the North of Alicante, the provincial capital, with a long string of lively family-friendly beaches and the most glamorous jet set venues in Alicante. But the province also boosts some quiet beaches mostly in the far north and Valencian reaches. If you are conidering moving to the Costa Blanca, take a look at the Valuvillas website. here you will find a huge choice of townhouses, villas and apartments, at low prices.

Popular Benidorm, the Lively Resort

Benidorm, the original high rise resort, spruced up its image in recent years with lush greenery and parks and a good choice of restaurants and hotels. Water sports and nightlife attract the younger generation but the lovely sands of the Poniente beach are for everyone to enjoy.

Torrevieja draws crowds with a myriad of activities on land or water. Families love the sands, the fabulous Aquarium and the water park while others come for jet skis, nightclubs and cosmopolitan restaurants. Twenty-five km from Alicante airport, Torrevieja claims the longest promenade on the Costa, a vibrant harbour and colourful summer feria. The broad sands of are great for children and offer the usual family friendly facilities.

Alicante is ideal for those who like beach and city all in one. This bustling town has lots of attractions, including two castles, a plenty of museums, and one of the most popular beaches in the entire province of Alicante. Expect crowds in summer and a range of amenities, including a childrens play area and lifeguard.

Denia & Javea, Jet Set Glamour

North of Benidorm, Javea is framed by lush vegetation and scenic rocks. Its popular, clean and close to Denia where steep lanes and leafy squares have retained their Alicantean character.

Beyond the gleaming marina, Denia has golden sands with plush loungers and an attractive old town with cobbled lanes and a pretty town square. There are cool shaded parks and glimpses of the Montgo mountain, albeit dwarfed by modern developments. Denia is a place to see and be seen, with extravagant bars, fine sands and al fresco bars open until dawn. There are fashion houses and classy restaurants where sporting their dark designer glasses, members of the jet set sip exclusive cocktails.

16 Sep

Best Summer Vacation Destinations For 2018

Planning a vacation does not need to be stressful. This article will discuss the best vacation destinations and must see attractions.
Deciding on a location for a family vacation, a romantic gateway or simply a need for some relaxation, can become quite stressfull, especially if you don’t know the hotspots in vacationing. Some vacation destinations are not quite suitable for a family trip, however they are the perfect destiation for students who need to party.

Best Vacation Destinations for Families and Children

Club Med Resorts, located in popular vacation destinations such as the Carribean, Mexico and Florida are highly know for their children friendly atmosphere. To top it off, kids stay free at all of their resorts.

They offer outstanding children and teen programs such as “PassWorld” lounges and clubs. There is also Baby Club Med which offers a wide range of activities for children and welcome babies.

Franklyn D. Resort and Spa in Jamaica has become a hot vacation destination for families. It offers personal nannies for each family. They offer children friendly activities such as arts and crafts, animal rides, beach picnics, nature walks and much more. Less we forget, children under the age of 16 years old eat and stay for free.

Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club in Jamaica,offers a great nightlife for mom and dad, while personal nannies take over at night. They also offer age specific group activities for children of all ages.

Best Vacation Destinations for Students

Cancun, Mexico is one of the most famous vacation destinations for students who need to get away for spring break. The Oasis Hotel also known as the “Be Live Cancun” offers great student packages and is smack inthe middle of great parties and entertainment. We had a holiday here in 2015, arranged by Yacht Charter Specialists.

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island is the ultimate student cruise aboard a party central cruise ship. The cruise begins in Fort Lauderdale and travels through the Bahama Islands. This is the ideal cruise for all those partying students on spring break.

South Padre Island, a beautiful gateway located on the tip of California, offers travelers the utmost party experience. Kegs are delivered on a daily basis to many beach locations. There are tons of activities for students, such as beach concerts, contests and much more.

Best Vacation Destinations for a Relaxation
Fresh Start Health Retreat Centers, Campbell River, British Columbia, offers all the amenities for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. It offers programs for whole body detoxification, weight loss and renewal. The program encompasses daily exercise, massage therapy, hydrotherapy session coupled with a healthy food menu.

Willow Stream Spa, Fairmount Mayakoba, Mayan Riviera, Mexico: Just hearing the name “Willow Stream Spa,” you know that you are going to be pampered and relaxed like at no other spa. The Mayan Riviera is one of the most popular travel destinations because of the deep green hue of the water and the soft gold color of the sand. It screams relaxation!

11 Sep

How To Choose Among The 5,000 Sushi Places In Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for a lot of things – business, technology, entertainment, and food. But when you are in Japan, specifically in Tokyo, you cannot (or rather should not) miss eating sushi. It is probably the most famous dish in Tokyo and a lot of people will tell you that you have never experienced Tokyo if you havent even eaten in one of its sushi restaurants.

Tokyo has around 5,000 sushi restaurants. Needless to say, it is the sushi capital of the world. It has thousands of different kinds of sushi and a lot of different kinds of sushi chefs. Here is a guide in helping you choose among the thousands of them.

The Different kinds of Sushi Restaurants

There are around four types of sushi restaurants differing in the kind of service they give. Knowing these four can help you narrow down the places you want to go to.

To-Go Shops

Just to add a snippet of information, sushi was originally a snack or a finger food. It was sold in streets where people just go to a stall and buy some. They did not use chopsticks, nor did they have any sauce to dunk their sushi in. If you find yourself eating sushi with your bare hands, do not worry about offending anyone because that is how sushi was originally eaten anyway.

Based on its name, to-go shops are small stores you pass by in malls, department stores, or even train stations. If you are trying to catch a train or looking for something to nibble on while going around a mall, you can purchase sushi from here. Famous to-go sushi places are Hama, Kyo Taru and Kozo Sushi.

Conveyor Belt Restaurants or Kaiten Zushi

You have probably seen a conveyor belt somewhere – a picture, a movie, or a show. Conveyor belt shops used to just sell sushi, but nowadays they sell even rice meals. The usual set up for a conveyor belt restaurant is a square kitchen surrounded by a table and a conveyor belt. You can see from where you are sitting how they create and prepare the sushi you will be eating.

The tip here is to be conscious of how much the sushi you will be getting costs. You might get too excited (and thats okay) and get anything. Just expect to spend around 1,000-3,000 Japanese Yen.
There are more modern Kaiten Zushi places in Tokyo today and instead of a conveyor belt, they have vehicles transport your food. There will just be a railing where your food will pass delivered by a train/car/ship.

Family-run or Single Restaurants

– Family-run restaurants are small-scale restaurants. Usually, the crowd here are local Japanese and not so much of tourists. They have different kinds of sushi, but they offer rice meals and budget meals as well. They are actually treated as bars rather than restaurants so if you want to get a feel of a local meal in Tokyo, this is the best kind of sushi place for you.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Making sushi has become an art and a craft in Japan. There has been an increase in the number of gourmet sushi places where different kinds of chefs master the art of sushi-making. Definitely, these restaurants will be pricey, but they offer the most extraordinary and intricate sushi in the whole of Tokyo. Aside from sushi, they usually offer selected types of wine to complement your meal.

In picking a high-end sushi place, it is best to do your own research because different places have different atmospheres and sushi expertise. The Michelin list is a good place to start.

They say travel can broaden the mind and this is certainly true of Japan. This is an inspiring cpuntry full of wonderful people, scenery and ecperiences. Eating sushi in Tokyo is only a small part of the experience. Get out and explore the other cultural delights of this wonderful country.

29 Jul

Concerts Limo Service In Seattle Washington

This is going to be the best news you have seen in a while. Our limo services are now available in Seattle, Washington for all the pop and music loving fans
who will want to attend the amazing concerts in style. We offer executive limo pick up and drops from your location to the venue of the concerts at
such affordable rates you will love. We know how good it will feel to ride in a style much to the admiration
of everyone when you get into the concert venue driveway and our fabulous looking limousines will get this picture perfectly. You will be a star just like the
music stars that will be performing at the concert.

Why have we made the best limo service in Seattle, Washington available to everyone who needs this service? It is because we value the comfort of our
customers. We are sure that riding in a limousine to a concert will add more thrills to the entire event and we will be very happy if we are the reason why
this experience is even better for the clients that will use this unique limo service.

You can easily get a quote from our top limo service in Seattle, Washington by giving us a call now. This will help you know the financial requirements and
how you can make the arrangements for a quick booking to secure the dates you would like to use this special limo service. Our service quotes are
available to every client and you can be rest assured that you are getting the very best quote because it will be prepared by a professional accounting
system that has been programmed to work with only the best rates. We are sure our limo service is the most affordable in Seattle, Washington and the
surrounding regions based on the highest quality of service you will get.

Why should you use our limo services in Seattle, Washington?

We can list very many reasons why our limousine service in Seattle, Washington should be used but we know that the glowing feedback from our satisfied
clients has already done a big part of having to convince our potential clients to patronize us.

We have hired the best drivers who individually have the approved certifications to drive in Washington – to be a part of this special limousine service team.
You will have a smooth and safe ride every time we are given the privilege of serving your needs.

Please feel free to contact us today for your bookings and inquiries, and you will be glad you did.

26 Jul

Your Personal Guide To Corporate Limo Services In Austin, Tx

Are you leasing a business limousine in Austin, Texas?

If yes, you most likely understand that business limousine services are rather popular nowadays amongst little and big companies. The fantastic
worth that features working with a business car exists with outstanding plans that aren’t supplied to specific employing automobiles. For instance,
lots of business limousine businesses in Austin, TX provide unique services to business partners that employ automobiles frequently.

Not just this can be a remarkable reward – it likewise sets the bar greater and reveals why airport transport is a real basic nowadays and the very
best method to accommodate your customers and organization partners to the optimum convenience and benefit.

So, Ways to Ask for a Quote For A Business Limousine In Austin, TX?

The very first thing you ought to be focusing on when employing a business limousine in Austin, TX is a special rate that is based upon a minimum
quantity of days needed each year. This minimum number needs to be satisfied for the business rate to be carried out. After you select your rental
service – you can start to establish a relationship that is based upon special ask for advanced cars.

Essentially, employing a business limousine service in Austin should begin with your contract on the cost and the information it includes. As quickly
as you touch base with the business limousine business in Austin, it depends on you to see the very best method to accommodate your visitors and
ensure that any mistakes are avoided from the start.

3 Needs to Work with A Business Limo In Austin, Texas

If you require more factors on why working with a limousine service in Austin, TX is a terrific option for your customers, we are noting the 3 most
important ones listed below.

1. Unique Events – There are a great deal of business unique events that are worthy of

attention from your side. Whether it’s a significant occasion that you are hosting or simply a crucial conference, a business limousine service in
Austin, TX can certainly make the distinction.

2. Impress Your Customers – Getting prospective customers or reputable organization partners with a business limousine and taking them from
one location to another is a terrific method to get here in design to your location and go over service matters in a no-pressure circumstance.

3. Security – Certified business limousine services in Austin, TX provide you security and
chauffeurs who are licensed, experienced and skilled to deal with all circumstances well.

In the end, a business limousine hire can offer a safe and cost-effective method for several celebrations to take a trip together and get here on time
to every area!

19 May

Why Corporate Limo Service Is Important In Todays Time

All of us understand that utilizing a limousine is a typical thing on big day, bachelor celebrations and so on. Individuals in the Latin neighborhood likewise
employ Quinceanera limousine services – and some individuals even choose to delicately employ a limousine and go crawling from one club to another.

Nevertheless, there are times when a business limousine service is required. These are times when a company is anticipating actually essential visitors or when a
whole department is participating in a significant occasion. As you most likely understand, employing a business limousine service absolutely includes a
modern-day, sophisticated and advanced touch to every occasion or reception. That method, it increases the professionalism from the business and sets the
level greater.

How Do Expert Business Limousine Solutions Differ From The Rest?

Business limousine services in Utah are nowadays simple to discover. All you have to do is browse Google for that term and as soon as you get a lots of
business, begin getting in touch with each of them and requesting their rates, cars and extra bonus.

It is constantly crucial to understand the number of individuals taking a trip in the limousine, and what it cost and the travel luggage there is to compete with. A
trustworthy business limousine service will constantly make certain to match your requirements – and in case there are more visitors than normal, provide a larger
business limousine for your requirements.

Employing The Perfect Corporate Limousine For Your Requirements

Constantly make certain to try to find a business limousine service that focuses on this sort of transport. In this manner, you will have the ability to deal with the
busiest of executives and constantly guarantee that they are selected from and dropped off at various places on time.

If you are hosting a significant occasion and customers are originating from all over, a business limousine service
that has more than numerous limos is a must. An executive ground travel service, as it is likewise understood, should impress your customers and let them now
that you are considering them worthwhile of unique treatment.

Security Is Constantly A Concern

In the end, security and personal privacy are two extra things you ought to examine your list when working with a business limousine service. Some customers
do not desire direct exposure to promotion, and others might be adversely impacted by it. That is why security and personal privacy enter parallel with
convenience and design when reserving a business limousine.

So, have you discovered your business limousine service yet? If not, it’s time to browse the web and select the best one

14 Apr

Renting A Limo: 4 Misconceptions You Should Know About

Just like every other service in the world, renting a limo comes with a series of misconceptions by people who don’t know what should expect when booking
their Tampa Bay limo. The truth may sometimes hurt them or offend them – but that is because most of the customers looking for a limo are unfounded and lack
information about the service itself.

Knowing that sharing information online is nowadays a breeze, these misconceptions may transform to true facts and let the world believe in them. Which is why
today, we are putting a full stop on them.

So, what are some of the craziest misconceptions about renting a limo?

1. Renting a limo comes at a high cost

It’s true that limos don’t cost the same as taxi services. However, people fail to realize that you get what you pay for – and if renting a limo is expensive, it would
be probably a ride of the same caliber like taxi services. However, the truth is far from that. Renting a limo is nowadays actually a very reasonably priced
service, especially knowing the competition and costs in the industry.

2. You cannot customize your own journey

If there is one thing you can actually do with your limo ride, is the customization of your journey.
A lot of limo drivers would be actually happy to make an extra stop or change your plans if your request
is reasonable and fits the guidelines.

3. It takes ages to find a good limo company

Limo companies in Tampa Bay, Florida and basically everywhere else are now able to get in minutes – thanks to the Internet. You can visit Google and type
‘limo services in Tampa’ and get a good grasp of the best companies in the area. Aside from the fact that just like in every industry, there are some bad apples,
you should know that most of the professional and licensed limo companies provide great services in your area.

4. Limo services are only for special events

Proms, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties can be made best when a limo is hired. However, limos are not only meant for special events. You can
travel to your meetings in style, attend to corporate events or rent a limo for almost anything – even if it’s a trip to your office!

We hope that these four misconceptions made you see through limo services in a better way – and understand the truth about renting a limo!

13 Apr

A Journey To Mousehole In Cornwall

Artists and travellers have been attracted to Cornwall for centuries for the natural quality of its lights. The strong winds and lashings of rain which breeze in off the ocean, wash away all particles and pollutants and leave a crystal clear sky which bathes the dramatic landscape in a sharp, crisp light. This is one of the main reasons holidaymakers love Cornwall and why it is so popular with artists of all abilities.

The county of Cornwall has long been associated with artists and great works of art. St Ives is most famous when it comes to art, thanks to the landscape painters who hailed here and the presence of the Tate St Ives art gallery. Other artistic hotspots include Penzance with its great galleries and the historic Newlyn School of Art, as well as Falmouth with its modern day College of Art.

Another big draw for artists is Mousehole just along the coast from Penzance and Lands End. I followed one of these roads along the coast, which was effectively a narrow passage of twists and turns surrounded by steep slopes. Brave trees lined the steep banks, clinging dangerously close to the sheer edge of the cliff.

The hot summer sun burned down from above, shining on the tranquil ocean. This road must be one of the fines in Cornwall, if not the UK. The views are outstanding. Across the sea St Michael’s Mount stood proud, a historic castle guarding the bay.

It was not long much further down the road that I arrived in Mousehole. As I entered the village the road narrowed further, just wide enough for one small vehicle or a couple of bikes. Everywhere seemed to be a little cramped and confined. It was if the houses were perched on top of one another in a tumbledown formation. Mousehole is a very tight spot not really suited to traffic. Driving here was making me very nervous indeed.

The best way to discover this location was by foot so I left the car at the first opportunity. Tight cobbled streets snaked through the buildings, down to the scenic harbour with its incredible views over Mount’s Bay.

On my way through the village I passed at least 4 artists, working at easels with their paint brushes in hand. One of these artists was sat in a quiet lane trying to record the intimacy of this tranquil Cornish fishing village. This artist was a middle-aged woman who was obviously well practiced at painting landscapes. I stood behind her quietly and watched in awe as she went about her work paining the Mousehole scenery with amazing skill.

I carried on walking towards the harbour and a little beach, thinking that I will check on the artists later to enjoy her finished masterpiece. A gentle slope led to a modest area of golden beach enclosed by the historic harbour walls. Fishing boats lay on the sand waiting for the tide to come in again. Children paddled and swam in the sea in this idyllic Cornish scene.

Just above the beach was an old pub which looked like it had been there for centuries. The pub stood guard over the harbour and must be a beacon for returning fishermen. Inside, the low beams and maze of corridors made the place seem very olde worlde. The old fashioned bar was festooned with images of fishermen in days gone by. I ordered a pint of the local ale and soaked up the atmosphere of this historic establishment.

A few hours later I returned to my car and drove out of Mousehole. But this characterful village has stayed with me ever since. Mousehole is so traditionally Cornish, with deep-rooted fishing community it as if it has stood still in time. I shall certainly return to this beautiful location again some day.

24 Mar

Tips For Choosing A Family Holiday In Cornwall

Organising a holiday away with your family should be a happy task. But creating an itinerary which caters for everyones needs and desires can be a tricky thing to do. Each family member will have a clear idea of what they want to get from a holiday. When you have four, five, six or more family members, it gets more and more difficult to satisfy everyones needs. This is especially true if the children are direct ages, such as a mix of toddlers and teenagers. The trick is to make a good list of tourism attractions and holiday activities, and then choose the ones which would appeal to the greatest number of people.

The first task is to decide on the holiday destination you wish to visit. For families resident in the United Kingdom, some of the holiday hotspots include the lake District, Dorset, Somerset and Devon. But Cornwall stands out as the most popular choice for families because of the excellent beaches and outstanding mix of quality things to see and do.

As a major holiday destination, Cornwall is well-geared for tourists wth a wide range of accommodation options. Perhaps the best choice for families is to stay in a self catering lodge or chalet on a holiday park. Holiday parks are usually located in beautiful areas and have a range of facilities and amenities centred on one site.

Most visitors to Cornwall will normally want to spend long days at the beach, if the weather is food. But families will also want toe explore the local area and discover fun things to do. Having a holiday park as a base is ideal as they offer a central location for exploring the rest of Cornwall. Plus if you dont feel like travelling around, these holiday parks put on a number of different activities and entertainment to keep all family members happy.

Larger holiday parks in Cornwall have onsite activities such as golf, tennis, basketball, skateboarding and swimming. Also kids can get around using their bike, in complete safety. There is so much going on that children of all ages and their parents will be happy and relaxed with this holiday choice.

Whats more, these holiday parks usually offer cheap and affordable deals for families as well. If you are travelling on a tight budget, a stay in these self catering properties can help to save money as you can cook your own food.

If a holiday lodge is not affordable, an even quicker way to holiday in Cornwall is to take a tent to pick at a campsite. As well as saving money, it is a great experience for kids to enjoy. A camping holiday can introduce children to the the countryside. Within the UK, particularly in Cornwall, there are various campsites that can accommodate you for a memorable family holiday. It offers a first-class opportunity to bond with your family and enjoy the great outdoors.

When planning a family holiday, make a list of all the possible places where you would like to spend your holiday. Then you should ask your other half and children what activities they want to do in the chosen holiday destination and ensure that these activities are available should you decide to decide to book your holiday there. There are so many options it makes sense to discuss everything with your family before making a final decision. After all, you want everyone to be happy with the choice.

Cornwall is particularly geared towards family holidays. Some suggested locations for a Cornish holiday include Bude, Newquay, Wadebridge, Polzeath, Hayle, Porthleven, Saltash and Fowey.

25 Feb

A Guide To Cornwall’s Best Tourist Attractions

Blessed with 300 miles of dunes and cliffs, Cornwall is infamous for it’s impressive coastline. This gorgeous county has magnificent medieval harbours, stunning rock pools, and beautiful creeks surrounded by forest.

Cornwall really is a hiker’s paradise; take a picnic to the beautiful flower-laden fields, or walk the dog along the unspoilt beaches. For the culture vultures among you, there is plenty of artistic heritage to delve into and stunning architecture to admire. There is also a fantastic night-life to enjoy when the sun goes down on a day of sightseeing. Cornwall’s tourism is booming and it is not difficult too see why.

What To See And Do In Cornwall?

Revered as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ by some, the Eden Project is a stunning global garden contained within dome-like tropical biomes. This epic destination is home to a multitude of plant life, showcasing the complex plant/human relationship and mankind’s ultimate reliance on nature. The project is fast becoming utilised as an educational tool for children and adults alike, demonstrating a sustainable future.
Discover the tropical plants that are used to produce everyday products, and experience the sights and smells of the rainforest in the Amazon inspired biome. The Eden Project even contains a roofless biome where you can appreciate the Cornish sunshine beaming down on the plant life; you may even get a tan while you’re there.

It is often said that the jewel in Cornwall’s crown is Penzance. Visit the town’s 1930s Jubilee pool; this council-run facility is one of few surviving original lidos, and is the largest remaining salt-water swimming pool in the UK. The pool’s beautiful art deco-inspired curved edges and seafront location give it a Mediterranean feel. The pool is open throughout the summer for all the family to enjoy. Nestled with
in the main swimming arena is a safe, shallow-watered ‘baby pool’ where the toddlers are close enough to feel part of the action. The picturesque, panoramic views from the jubilee pool go on for miles; enjoy a picnic or poolside snack as you take in the beauty of the Ocean.

The Tate, St Ives, is certainly a contributor to Cornwall’s Tourism success. Sister gallery to Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate Britain, this impressive three-storey building showcases the works of the great modern-day artists. Opening in 1993 and overlooking the Porthmeor Beach, this was the second of the Tate family galleries made available to the public. St Ives’ Tate offers online art courses and Adult Learner classes; the gallery is also inundated by regular school visits and has a dedicated ‘Tate Kids’ area where they can play games while they learn. The Tate’s highlight is, undoubtedly, the ‘Ben Nicholson walking tour’ where you experience the gallery through the eyes of this renowned radical twentieth century artist.

Newquay Zoo is an animal lovers paradise. Up-close animal encounters are the perfect opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating species on a personal level, and learn about their unique features from their dedicated handlers. You can watch the carnivores feeding and also experience feeding meerkats and penguins yourself. The zoo has a village farm with familiar faces such as goats and pigs, whilst the Tropical House showcases less common animals such as skunks, poison dart frogs, and the most rare of beautiful exotic birds. Newquay Zoo’s most unique feature is that it is the only place in the county that has lions.

For the show-lovers out there, a visit to the Miracle Theatre is a must. This theatre company tours during the winter months visiting towns and rural villages, but in the summer they perform at open air venues acting out both vintage works and modern writing rich in humour and high visual content. The Miracle theatre does wonders for local tourism and is made accessible for all parts of the community to enjoy. The Miracle theatre is suitable for all ages and, weather permitting, you can enjoy their shows at amazing locations such as ancient sites and castle grounds. The touring company consists of 7 performers and crew; they travel with their own staging and lighting, coming together to create a well-crafted, colourful and comedic theatrical experience.

No trip to Cornwall would be complete without a visit to Land’s End. The most south-westerley point of mainland Britain has earned a reputation for being one of the most beautiful landmarks in the country, and the relationship between land and sea is experienced by thousands every year. Pose for a picture at the famous Land’s End signpost, and walk the cliff tops to experience how Cornwall changes from season to season. When it’s time for a break, wonder at the vast Atlantic Ocean that begins at both the first and last point. The well-known Land’s End restaurant is the ideal place to re-charge the batteries before setting off on one of the landmark’s sea trips, or taking part in one of the regular celebrations such as ‘Cornish Day’ where Cornwall’s most loved traditions come alive.

24 Jan

How Renting A Safari Tent Will Help You Enjoy Your Vacation

Camping Costa Brava is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Spain. Known for its rugged coast, Costa Brava is celebrated for its wide stretch of beaches. Because the foreign exchange rate in the area is fairly favorable, Costa Brava is also known as a relatively inexpensive holiday destination.

Camping Palamos is located in Costa Brava and it is famed for its family-oriented campsite. You can enjoy the beautiful beach and the bay in the morning, and have a nature trip through the forest in the afternoon. The forest path is just a ten-minute walk from the bay so your nature-loving self will surely enjoy this trip whichever path you go. Camping Palamos is a fusion of green, blue, and sand.

You can fully enjoy your stay here through a Safari tent rental. There will be no need for you to set up your tent upon your arrival and pack it away as you go home. You can settle in your tent right away upon your arrival. You can relax or dive right in as soon as you step in the fine sands. Everything is set up for you.

You can just imagine how much weight will be lifted off your holiday planning load; not to mention how you can greatly reduce your baggage as there will be no need to pack several huge bags that include your own tent and gear. You can just take one suitcase for all your holiday essentials.

There will be no need for you to travel for at least ten hours by car. With a Safari tent rental, you can opt to travel via airplane because everything you need will fit in your luggage. There is an airport located just a few minutes from the Camping Palamos site.

You can just arrive and go without all the hassles of taking care of your tent. It is just like arriving at a hotel but you are closer to nature. You will enjoy the social feeling of Camping Costa Brava with all the basic amenities of staying in a hotel.

This type of camping with a difference is locally known as Glamping Costa Brava. And for all your Safari tent rental needs, you can go to holdaytent.eu. Holiday Tent will take care of all your glamping needs. You can be close to nature with all the perks of a comfortable stay. The site provides all the information you need for a hassle-free vacation.

31 Dec

Top 5 Snorkeling Locations In Maui

Of all the things you could possibly do Maui snorkeling is the most popular… and for good reason. The isle has more miles of calm, swimmable beach than any other Hawaiian island, in addition to great weather and an average year around temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The island is surrounded by marine hotspots for divers and snorkelers alike, and you can choose any spot depending on what you want to see.

So what are the top spots for those interested in snorkeling in Maui? In reality, the good spots are easily accessible and located along the island’s west shore. They are home to healthy living coral reefs that provide shelter to an abundance of tropical fish and other marine life that is a joy to watch.

Top 5 Maui snorkeling spots

1. Molokini crater

This is arguably the most popular snorkeling spot. This is due to the high visibility of the inner, protected waters as well as the abundance of lush marine life. This crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater is like no other snorkeling location in the world; it is ecologically perfect for marine life breeding and feeding and hosts more tan 25 species of Hawaiian tropical fish. The crystal clear waters in the crater offer great visibility, making it popular for scuba diving as well.

2. Coral gardens

These are located near the center of the western Maui shoreline. It is home to numerous species of bright-colored fish, breathtaking formations of coral reef and a few green Hawaiian sea turtles. During winter, you can also catch a glimpse of humpback whales during the yearly migration to the Maui waters.

3. Five caves

This is another top spot for those interested in snorkeling in Maui. It is also popular among scuba divers. Five Caves is home to a variety of marine life that includes harmless reef sharks and green sea turtles. The area is best accessed by boat, but you can also use Makena road in South Kihei to access the beach.

4. Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve

This is believed to be one of the youngest and most delicate eco-reef zones in Maui. It is a small cove that is great to snorkel within a small group, especially if it consists of young children who do not feel comfortable in open water. Here, the coastline is jagged and mostly consists of intermixed formations of coral reef and lava rock, tropical fish swim very close to the coastline. To get the best views, try snorkeling closest to the road in the protected bay.

5. Turtle Town 

Aptly named, this is the best snorkeling location in Maui if your sole intention is to watch the green Hawaiian turtles. The turtles may even approach you out of curiosity, but there is also an abundance of colorful marine life. Turtle Town is characterized by clear waters, calm wind conditions and a gentle slope that will allow you to find the ocean depth you are most comfortable at.

7 Dec

Finding Accommodation For Large Groups In Cornwall

Cornwall is a great holiday destination for families and groups, because of the many activities that can be planned. Children can spend hours on the beach, and families can explore little towns or visit the farms all around the region.

Staying in a cottage is also a great option for these families, and even for bigger groups who decide to spend their holiday together. Sometimes, people also just decide to share a self-catering cottage for convenience or even to save money. In fact, you end up paying a lot less by sharing a bigger cottage.

Thankfully, Cornwall offers many cottages that can accommodate 10 to 30 guests. Even more interesting, these are normally older, renovated buildings like country mansions, barns, farmhouses, castles, and even converted railway stations.

Planning travel accommodation for such a large number of people might be a struggle. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect cottage for you and your group in Cornwall.

1. Plan in advance

Not only is it more difficult to find available cottages for the whole group, but actually finding the right schedule where everyone is free can be a headache as well. When you finally get everyone to agree, the property might already be let out. The trick is to find someone who will allow you to tentatively book, or renting directly from an independent owner, who might get fewer inquiries and might be more flexible. It pays to find a Cornwall holiday rental agency if you have a particularly large group to accommodate.

2. Establish ground rules and everyones roles

First of all, share the work of who will book what and how the responsibilities are to be distributed. Other items like the list of whos coming, as well as everyones budget, is very important to settle before you even choose a cottage. It also pays to find out if anyone has special needs to make sure that all needs are accommodated. There should also be an assigned person who will collect the money and handle the expenses. However, the one who does most of the work should get first dibs on the choice of bedroom, as a reward for their effort.

3. Organise the rooms beforehand

You should already know who stays together in a room and who wants a single room. Kids might also want to share a room together, so these should all be incorporated in the planning. Find out how many rooms are in the cottage and start from there. Even better, get a description and picture of each one so that you can do the choosing beforehand and avoid the arguments when you arrive.


4. Plan individual and group activities

Just because you are all sharing a cottage, it doesnt mean you have to spend every single second together. Identify a few activities you want to do together, as well as which meals you are sharing. This helps plan who cooks and when and leaves you with some free time to spend alone or as a separate family. This also helps greatly in sharing the kitchen if you only have one.

Travelling to Cornwall as a big group can be very exciting for everyone, as kids are able to play together and adults have a chance to interact with friends. You can even share responsibilities like babysitting so you and your spouse can have a night free. It might be a bit of work, with more people to organise, but in the end, you might find this a fun and alternative way to experience the best holiday destination in the UK.

25 Nov

Tips For A Rewarding Weekend In Tintagel, Cornwall

Tintagel is a Cornish village located on the northern Atlantic coast of Cornwall, offering a dramatic sea view from the castle ruins in its headland. The village and the Tintagel Castle is associated with one of the worlds most renowned legends: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It has been said that King Arthur was born inside the halls of the Tintagel Castle which made it the subject of numerous excavations since the 1930s. This made Tintagel one of the most-visited places in Cornwall, especially among tourists and holiday day-trippers.


As you might have guessed, the Tintagel Castle or most often dubbed as King Arthurs Castle is the centre of all attractions on this side of the country. There are a lot of events that are being held here all throughout the year which retells the adventures of King Arthur and offers interactive adventure quests. The mysterious Merlins Cave is also conveniently near the ruins. It is a sea cave that was popularised by Alfred Tennyson in his work Idylls of the King. The cave is filled with water during high tide, but the sandy floor makes it explorable during low tide.

The castle is around 1.7 miles away from Trebarwith Strand Beach which is a famous surfing spot for intermediate to advanced surfers. Its sandy beach becomes submerged during high tide but can be reached by going through Treknow villages magnificent valley. The Bossiney Cove Beach is also nearby at around 1.1 miles away from Tintagel and can be a more wholesome option for families. The beach can also be hidden by water during high tide but there is a footpath available over a farmland. The steep nature of this footpath makes it unsuitable for carts or wheelchairs. There is another cave that can be explored on this beach for adventurous people.

Along the main street of Tintagel, about 900 meters away from Tintagel Castle stands a famous family pub called The King Arthurs Arms. It has modern facilities and can be a convenient stop-over stop for people who want to stroll on the coastal footpath, play golf on its own golf course. The pub serves homemade food all day, as well as soft drinks or a selection of ales. There is also an ATM machine and wireless Internet in this establishment for added convenience. It is also near another tourist attraction called the Tintagel Old Post Office which is a 14th-century post-office from the Victorian era. Postal memorabilia and 19th-century samplers can be found on display inside.

The Mill Inn can be further at about 1.7 miles away from the castle, but can be a good alternative with its more diverse menu. It boasts of all the freshest meat, fish and produce that are all locally sourced. Aside from the local ales from the Sharps and Tintagel Brewery, it also offers a selection of wines. Its dining room can accommodate meetings, parties, and even corporate events. Even the whole hotel can be hired for any occasion.

As a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of special places to stay in this part of Cornwall in Tintagel and nearby Boscastle and Bossiney.

21 Nov

Accommodation Options For Families In Europe

Travel to holiday destinations is undeniably fun when you are with your family. Every activity becomes more fun because you know you are sharing every precious moment with your loved ones. But to make sure that the whole family is going to have a convenient and comfortable stay in any of the holiday destinations in Europe, you need to choose an accommodation that can provide all the amenities, facilities, and other essential needs for the whole family.


Here is a list of some of the best accommodation options for big size groups such as large families.

Resorts and Hotels in Europe

Resorts are one of the options that families can consider. In Europe, some of the best ones are Holiday Village, Sonia Village Hotel, Sol Nessebar Palace, Insotel Tarida Beach Sensatori Resort, Club Jandia Princess Hotel, LA Hotel and Resort, IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, SBH Jandia Resort, and Michaelstow Manor Holiday Park. Then there are also high class hotels that offer numerous services. Some of the recommended are Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel, Club Med Palmiye, Sani Club, Holiday Village Menorca, Holiday Village Rhodes, Protur Bronaire Aparthotel, Olympic Lagoon Resort, Premier Inn London Bank Hotel, Aliathon Holiday Village, and Club med Gregolimano. These resorts and hotels offer different services such as dry cleaning, laundry service, shuttle bus service, free parking, babysitting, airport transportation, free breakfast, and use of meeting rooms. There are also amenities such as pool, fitness centre and lounge.

Cornwall Hotels for Families

Cornwall is without a doubt one of the best travel destinations if you want to enjoy the simplicity of seaside town life. To make your stay convenient, you can choose hotels that can accommodation large size families. Among the choices are The Explanade Hotel, Driftwood Hotel, Talland Bay Hotel, Trelaske Hotel and Restaurant, Hotel Tresanton, Watergate Bay Hotel, Mount Haven Hotel and Restaurant, John Francis Basset Hotel, and Budock Vean Hotel. Many of these hotels, such as the Watergate Bay Hotel, are situated in front of the sea. This makes spending time by the seaside a lot more convenient and enjoyable. If you cant stretch to a hotel, engage a local travel agency to find a suitable large family holiday home in Cornwall.

Family Friendly Hotels in the UK

The UK is one of the regions in Europe that is well-endowed with holiday destinations such as the numerous seaside towns in Cornwall. To have a hassle-free stay, you need to book a hotel room that is large enough for the whole family. It is also important that you choose those that are family friendly. Some of the friendliest to big size groups are Doric Hotel, Merton Hotel, Premier Inn Backpool Hotel, Novotel London Tower Bridge, Chessington Azteca Hotel, Crowne Plaza London Kensington, Premier Inn Derry, Cally Palace Hotel, Trefeddian Hotel in Aberdovey, Kellyís Resort Hotel and Spa, Sheen Falls Lodge, Swansea Marriott Hotel, Hilton Cobham, Loch Melfort Hotel and Restaurant, Dormy House, Martinhal Beach Resort and Hotel, and Pinalai Resort in Koh Lanta. These options are family friendly because they have rooms that are truly convenient for stay. Usually, the rooms have several beds with comfortable mattresses, plasma television, WiFi connection, and extra facilities such as coffee maker.

15 Oct

Top 10 Budget Accommodations For The Practical Traveller In Newquay

Travelling to Newquay on a budget? Visiting Cornwall premier holiday destination doesnt have to cost the earth. You can make sacrifices in terms of accommodation simply because you are not going to visit and have a holiday in Newquay just to sleep, are you?

Just because you cant afford luxury holiday accommodation in Newquay you dont have to skimp on having a really great time in this famous holiday destination in Cornwall. Here are 10 budget accommodations in Newquay that provide excellent bed and breakfast packages.

Avalon – For non-smokers, the Avalon provides an excellent bed and breakfast accommodation at only £30 a night. This 3-star guest house is privately-owned and is located just a few hundred yards away from the beaches of Great Western and Tolcarne. It has only 6 en-suite rooms so booking is a must.

Chynoweth Lodge – A recipient of multiple awards like the Visit Britain Four Star and Visit Britain Breakfast, the Chynoweth Lodge provides excellent bed and breakfast at an affordable rate of only £30 per person. The lodge is only 5 minutes by foot to the citys major establishments and attractions including the famed beaches of Newquay.

Copper Beech – At £30 per night including breakfast, this 3-star family-run guest house speaks of the modern comforts of home with ample private parking. Its 15 bedrooms come complete with modern home amenities. 

Meadow View Guest House – Highly recommended for families, the Meadow View Guest House is family-run and only accepts non-smoking guests. It provides amazing bed and breakfast starting at £26.

Pengilley Guest House – Located near Towan Beach, Pengilley is a 3-star bed and breakfast that provides affordable accommodation starting at £25. This is the choice of travellers wanting to experience the night life of Newquay as it is located right around the corner of the towns famous entertainment district.

Penkerris – With prices starting at £22.50, the Penkerris prides itself of an Edwardian architecture to provide guests with a welcome respite to their tiring day in the beaches and town centre of Newquay. The 7 bedrooms are superbly detailed giving you a luxury feel.

Silver Jubilee – With prices starting at £28, this 3-star guest house is located right in the center of Newquay fully accessible to town shopping centre as well as transportation hubs. The beach is just 3 minutes away.

St. Breca – A family-run guest house, St. Breca provides superb bed and breakfast accommodation for only £25. It is located in the centre of Newquay and just minutes away by foot from the famed beaches of the town.

The Glendeveor – At only £22 a night, the Glendeveor is perhaps one of the most budget-friendly bed and breakfast accommodation in Newquay that is rated 3 stars by the Visit Britain committee. It is a family-run guest house located within the heart of Newquay.

Westward B&B – This quality accommodation prides itself of a 4-star Visit Britain rating but at a very friendly cost of only £25. It is not located within the town centre though. Nevertheless, it does provide excellent relaxing stay.

With many of these accommodations not higher than £30, you will be able to spend more on leisure activities. This is the whole essence of having a holiday, isnt it?

9 Oct

10 Best Restaurants In Perranporth, Cornwall

Holidaymakers in Perranporth are spoilt for choice for places to eat. This small tourist town on the North Cornwall has a large variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs to suit all tastes and holiday budgets. Besides finding the perfect holiday accommodation, where its self catering cottages, serviced hotels or scenic campsites, the next thing on the list of requirements for tourists and travellers is a good selection of places to eat. And Perranporth does not disappoint. There are many fine restaurants in Perranporth all of which boast of using only the best and freshest ingredients they could find from the Cornish valleys and the warm Atlantic waters. Youre in a treat if you go to any of the following restaurants.

1. Willow  Providing excellent gluten-free meal options, the Willow is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. They offer delectable seafood fares and traditional Cornish and British cuisine. They have tiger prawns, Cornish clotted cream, crawfish, sea bass, and a whole lot more.

2. The Watering Hole  Located right in front of the beaches of Perranporth is The Watering Hole. Its got great live music to go with its superb food while watching the beautiful sunset. Its a pub and bar by the beach providing beachgoers with treats that they will surely love while basking in the sun. 

3. The Pavilion Boatshed Restaurant  Specialising in traditional Cornish fares and British dishes, the Pavilion Boatshed restaurant also provide excellent seafood such as lobsters, dressed crab, and fish fillet. It offers caprese salad, cockles, and cote de boeuf, just to name a few. 

4. The Tywarnhayle Inn  Situated right in the heart of Perranporth is The Tywarnhayle Inn and Restaurant featuring family-friendly and truly sumptuous Sunday lunches. Try their Cornish pasties, Ploughmans lunches, home-made burgers, and jacket potatoes. 

5. Massala  Yearning for an authentic Indian cuisine in Perranporth? Then head out to Massala for a Cornish take on contemporary Indian dishes. Head out on Wednesday nights and eat your heart out with their all-you-can-eat fanfare. They also provide fantastic Sunday buffet. 

6. Griffs Grill and Restaurant  Fancy a Surf and Turf or even a platter of mixed grilled delicacies? Then you must try Griffs Grill and Restaurant and feast on their extensive menu. You may need to prepare for it though as the portions are unusually huge. Try their roast dinner, steaks, and other dishes. 

7. The Green Parrot  Located on St. Georges Hill, The Green Parrot serves delicious and mouth-watering steaks. Try their Aberdeen Angus rump steak topped with your favourite dressing and sides. You can also head out on Sundays for their buffet or take their classic interpretation of British beef burgers.
8. Pizza Mania  While this is no Italy, Pizza Mania provides locals and tourists a classic taste of the original with a Cornish twist. With the freshest toppings and one of the friendliest services in town, youll never go wrong with this comfort food.

9. Jaipur Indian Cuisine  Wondering what Halal food tastes like? Then go to the Jaipur Indian Cuisine where every dish is prepared meticulously.

10. The Seiners Arms Bar & Restaurant  With lamb chops and mussels that are truly mouth-watering, the Seiners Arms Bar and Restaurant is a must-visit. Theyve got great steaks and a superb view of the beaches of Perranporth.

Whether you are going to take the clifftop walk from Perranporth to St. Agnes or frolic in the 3-mile long beaches of the coastal village, chances are you will also be dying to sample their delectable treats. Head to these ten restaurants and treat yourself to the best dishes in the area while on holiday in this part of Cornwall.

20 Aug

Brexit and the UK’s Inbound Tourism Industry

After the UK’s EU Referendum of June 24, travellers could be forgiven for thinking that the flight codenamed “Brexit” has crash-landed in unknown territory and the pilots are clueless about taking off again.

So what will the impact be on the UK tourism industry?

Firstly, the UK has a huge inbound tourism sector. Two thirds (63%) of holidaymakers to Britain are from EU countries and 85% of passenger traffic to UK ports hails from the EU.

According to VisitBritain  inbound tourism was up 6% n the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015. However, this was before the Brexit.

travel-1209515_640In the face of an awkward UK-EU divorce (if and when it is triggered), Pound Sterling (GBP) has fallen significantly against the Euro, the United States Dollar (USD) and other global currencies since June 24.

Simon Phillips, retail director at No. 1 Currency, comments: “With Brexit causing the Pound to plummet, British holidaymakers face paying more than they bargained on their summer holiday this year: about 16% more than they were paying in July 2015.” He adds, ominously: “Sterling is widely predicted to continue heading south in coming weeks.”

Weak Pound strengthens long-haul tourism

This is good news for overseas visitors who now have more bang for the buck. For example, for every 100 Euros exchanged into GBP on 2 August 2016, the EU visitor now has 84 GBP to spend in Britain, compared to 70 GBP on 2 August 2015.

However, the Viajopólis travel agency in Lanjarón, Spain, says: “Our customers who want to visit London or Scotland see a trip that costs, say, 1,000 Euros and don’t have much interest in what the exchange rate was beforehand or what it might be afterwards. They simply book the trip based on its current Euro cost.”

Nevertheless, the long-haul market is already benefiting, with some thrifty travellers quick to spot a bargain.

Patricia Yates, director of VisitBritain and VisitEngland, says: “Britain offers good value at present, especially for high-spending markets such as China and the USA. British Airways saw a third more US customers searching for flights to the UK on British Airways from Monday 27 June until Sunday 3 July (i.e. directly after the Referendum) than during the same time last year. The peak was on June 28, with an 80% increase in searches from the US.”

Heathrow Airport also reports that the weak GBP is attracting foreign investors and encouraging international passengers to spend in its terminals. Now Heathrow’s expansion plans look likely to materialise, which could process more inbound visitors.

Europe’s airlines have been reporting mixed fortunes since June 24. Monarch Airlines speaks of a “sweating period”. Easyjet says its costs have increased because the weak GBP makes aviation fuel more expensive but it is “too early” to see all the implications. Ryanair is reporting profit but is considering re-focusing away from the UK. Air France-KLM has joined other European airlines in warning of falling demand after terrorist attacks in France and Germany, along with uncertainty caused by Brexit.

VFR visitors to the UK on the decrease

A proportion of Britain’s inbound tourist traffic is classified as “VFR” – “visiting friends and relations”. VFR visitors to the UK spend five billion GBP a year on accommodation, domestic travel, tourist attractions and wining and dining. If Brexit causes fewer EU workers to exist in the UK, because free labour movement could be restricted, then VFR tourism could suffer accordingly.

Kathryn Chambers of Onecall Hospitality, a company based in South Lakeland, says: “The UK hospitality industry relies on hard working EU workers, particularly in London where 70% of hospitality employees are foreign. Many staff are uncertain of their future and are frightened – they feel they are no longer welcome here now.”

Is Britain damaging its own reputation?

With widespread media reports of racist attacks occurring in the UK since “Leave” won, is the Great British reputation diminishing overseas? As with all things Brexit, opinions are polarised.

Paco Rodriguez, a farmer on the remote slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Spain, remains positive about the UK. He says: “I followed the Referendum on the Spanish TV news. I think that Britain is a strong nation. The effects of Brexit will be felt now but, surely, in a couple of years, everything will have calmed down and the UK will be the stronger for it.”

Nick Clayton, a UK journalist who lives and works in Ibiza, says: “I haven’t spoken to anybody Spanish who thinks the UK is doing the right thing but they’ve always thought Britain was a bit ‘loco’, especially with the binge-drinking culture. There are strong links between countries that go beyond a single vote. In the bars of San Antonio, we haven’t heard the Brexit mentioned in weeks.”

Bernard Brunet, a French citizen from Angoulême, says: “I think the UK has taken the most stupid decision in ages. The Brexit would not put me off visiting the UK for a holiday but I believe that the border control might revert to how it was in the past – i.e. similar to the recent scenes at Dover, with people stuck inside their vehicles for 18 hours. I remember having to reach the ferry port a day early to sit in a queue for passport control with thousands of other vehicles. That is hardly a good image to portray.”

Nicholas Calland, an American data analyst who lives in the Eurozone, is unimpressed by the UK’s behaviour. He says: “Thanks to Brexit, EU residents are unlikely to feel more welcome in Britain whether they want to visit or invest, while travellers from outside the EU could potentially decide to experience Europe by visiting a more tolerant country.”

VisitBritain is taking a proactive approach to the potentially negative picture being painted. Patricia Yates says: “From September, we will be increasing our marketing in Europe to promote Britain as a welcoming destination and emphasising what’s on offer across all our nations and regions. We monitor perceptions of welcome and, in recent years, Britain has gone up the international rankings for this attribute. TripAdvisor rates the UK second globally – after Italy – for its hotels and B&Bs.”

Staycations rule the waves

While Brits might want to “take back our country”, this does not necessarily mean they want to take off from their country. With the Brexit after-shocks and a spate of terror attacks within Europe, the staycation market continues to gain ground, with Britain’s coastal resorts and country retreats reporting increased bookings since June 24. East Anglia, the Isle of Wight and Yorkshire are all reporting a boom in domestic holidaymakers.

Brighton anticipates a strong resurgence of the ‘staycation’.

Brighton is a city that promotes itself on tolerant values and has a large LGBT community. Could Brexit rattle this tolerant reputation? Howard Barden, head of tourism and venues at Visit Brighton remains optimistic. He says: “We anticipate seeing more Brits holiday at home over the coming months and a strong resurgence of the staycation as Brighton hoteliers report a bumper month. The improved value of the pound will entice more overseas visitors, while Brighton and Hove’s pro-EU stance positions us as a welcoming European-focused and cosmopolitan city.”

Some domestic tourist destinations could miss their EU funding in a post-Brexit regime, causing them to suffer. Kathryn Chambers of Onecall Hospitality says: “Many regions rely on EU funding to help build tourist attractions or recover from adverse weather incidents. In South Lakeland, many businesses were ruined in the floods in December 2015 and roads and bridges still need repairing. The region was hoping to receive £30-£40 million to fund recovery works. The fear is that it will become a cheap tourist destination and not the quality destination we’ve worked towards creating.”

Destination Unknown

As social media broadcaster, CPGrey, says: “The UK can only speculate, stand in the fog and pick a path.” Although millions of people are trying, it is impossible to predict the future post-Brexit: a stone has been cast into the water and nobody knows how far the ripples will go. If 1967 was the “Summer of Love’” then 2017 has been the ‘Summer of Uncertainty’.

And it’s not just Brexit. Terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, the Bastille Day horror in Nice, the attacks in Germany’s Munich, Würzburg and Ansbach, and the attempted coup in Turkey are all likely to make short-haul travellers nervous, detract from airline profits and encourage UK residents to pack their buckets and spades into the car and visit Torquay instead of Turkey. The UK staycation sector, which been growing for a decade, is a clear beneficiary.

As for the free movement of travellers between the EU to the UK, nobody knows what the eventual scenario will be: it could take several years to negotiate reciprocal arrangements between countries or to decide on visa requirements. Or nothing may happen at all. Similarly, nobody has a crystal ball about future currency movements and the impact on flight costs. Or the impact on the tourism industry’s labour force if their employees sourced from Europe have to be replaced.

Meanwhile, visitors to the UK from locations such as China and the USA are already seeing the greatly increased “bang for the buck” on UK holiday bookings. If GBP weakens further, as predicted, holidays in Britain will become even cheaper.

In the short term, at least, Brexit is unlikely to damage the UK’s inbound tourism trade.

More Information http://www.thetravelmagazine.net/brexit-and-uk-inbound-tourism.html