Family Camping Gear Tips

Lots of tips to help you select the best camping gear for your family trips. These articles explain what to look for when shopping for family camping gear, and how to decide what is best for the camping trips that your family is planning.

Camping Tents

Your tent will be your biggest purchase. It is also the most important equipment for making your trip a successful one. Here are tips on what you should know before you choose your family camping tent.

Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bag is very important for getting a good night’s sleep. Our tips will teach you about sleeping bags and help you choose a sleeping bag that is best for you.

Sleeping Pads

Coming soon. All sleeping bags need an insulating pad underneath for proper warmth and comfort. While young children manage very well in warm weather sleeping on the ground without padding, you and I need a little more comfort in order to wake up refreshed and “kink” free.

Camping Stoves

There are many choices in camping stoves, but only a few types make sense. This article explains the choices, and which two types you should consider.

Camping Lanterns

Coming soon. A camp lantern makes late night suppers easy, and lets you play games or read after sunset. A lantern will also make your camp site feel like a little oasis in the dark. There are three basic types discussed – battery powered, propane, and gas.

Tarps and Rain Flies

Coming soon. A tarp over your cooking area and dining table will shelter you from the sun, the wind and the rain. Camping life carries on despite these weather conditions, and a tarp makes it possible with maximum comfort and convenience.

More Tips

Even more camping gear tips, including lanterns, rain flies, sleeping bags, batteries, folding chairs, axes and even toilet paper (don’t forget it!).

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