7 Dec

Finding Accommodation For Large Groups In Cornwall

Cornwall is a great holiday destination for families and groups, because of the many activities that can be planned. Children can spend hours on the beach, and families can explore little towns or visit the farms all around the region.

Staying in a cottage is also a great option for these families, and even for bigger groups who decide to spend their holiday together. Sometimes, people also just decide to share a self-catering cottage for convenience or even to save money. In fact, you end up paying a lot less by sharing a bigger cottage.

Thankfully, Cornwall offers many cottages that can accommodate 10 to 30 guests. Even more interesting, these are normally older, renovated buildings like country mansions, barns, farmhouses, castles, and even converted railway stations.

Planning travel accommodation for such a large number of people might be a struggle. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect cottage for you and your group in Cornwall.

1. Plan in advance

Not only is it more difficult to find available cottages for the whole group, but actually finding the right schedule where everyone is free can be a headache as well. When you finally get everyone to agree, the property might already be let out. The trick is to find someone who will allow you to tentatively book, or renting directly from an independent owner, who might get fewer inquiries and might be more flexible. It pays to find a Cornwall holiday rental agency if you have a particularly large group to accommodate.

2. Establish ground rules and everyones roles

First of all, share the work of who will book what and how the responsibilities are to be distributed. Other items like the list of whos coming, as well as everyones budget, is very important to settle before you even choose a cottage. It also pays to find out if anyone has special needs to make sure that all needs are accommodated. There should also be an assigned person who will collect the money and handle the expenses. However, the one who does most of the work should get first dibs on the choice of bedroom, as a reward for their effort.

3. Organise the rooms beforehand

You should already know who stays together in a room and who wants a single room. Kids might also want to share a room together, so these should all be incorporated in the planning. Find out how many rooms are in the cottage and start from there. Even better, get a description and picture of each one so that you can do the choosing beforehand and avoid the arguments when you arrive.


4. Plan individual and group activities

Just because you are all sharing a cottage, it doesnt mean you have to spend every single second together. Identify a few activities you want to do together, as well as which meals you are sharing. This helps plan who cooks and when and leaves you with some free time to spend alone or as a separate family. This also helps greatly in sharing the kitchen if you only have one.

Travelling to Cornwall as a big group can be very exciting for everyone, as kids are able to play together and adults have a chance to interact with friends. You can even share responsibilities like babysitting so you and your spouse can have a night free. It might be a bit of work, with more people to organise, but in the end, you might find this a fun and alternative way to experience the best holiday destination in the UK.