25 Nov

Tips For A Rewarding Weekend In Tintagel, Cornwall

Tintagel is a Cornish village located on the northern Atlantic coast of Cornwall, offering a dramatic sea view from the castle ruins in its headland. The village and the Tintagel Castle is associated with one of the worlds most renowned legends: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It has been said that King Arthur was born inside the halls of the Tintagel Castle which made it the subject of numerous excavations since the 1930s. This made Tintagel one of the most-visited places in Cornwall, especially among tourists and holiday day-trippers.


As you might have guessed, the Tintagel Castle or most often dubbed as King Arthurs Castle is the centre of all attractions on this side of the country. There are a lot of events that are being held here all throughout the year which retells the adventures of King Arthur and offers interactive adventure quests. The mysterious Merlins Cave is also conveniently near the ruins. It is a sea cave that was popularised by Alfred Tennyson in his work Idylls of the King. The cave is filled with water during high tide, but the sandy floor makes it explorable during low tide.

The castle is around 1.7 miles away from Trebarwith Strand Beach which is a famous surfing spot for intermediate to advanced surfers. Its sandy beach becomes submerged during high tide but can be reached by going through Treknow villages magnificent valley. The Bossiney Cove Beach is also nearby at around 1.1 miles away from Tintagel and can be a more wholesome option for families. The beach can also be hidden by water during high tide but there is a footpath available over a farmland. The steep nature of this footpath makes it unsuitable for carts or wheelchairs. There is another cave that can be explored on this beach for adventurous people.

Along the main street of Tintagel, about 900 meters away from Tintagel Castle stands a famous family pub called The King Arthurs Arms. It has modern facilities and can be a convenient stop-over stop for people who want to stroll on the coastal footpath, play golf on its own golf course. The pub serves homemade food all day, as well as soft drinks or a selection of ales. There is also an ATM machine and wireless Internet in this establishment for added convenience. It is also near another tourist attraction called the Tintagel Old Post Office which is a 14th-century post-office from the Victorian era. Postal memorabilia and 19th-century samplers can be found on display inside.

The Mill Inn can be further at about 1.7 miles away from the castle, but can be a good alternative with its more diverse menu. It boasts of all the freshest meat, fish and produce that are all locally sourced. Aside from the local ales from the Sharps and Tintagel Brewery, it also offers a selection of wines. Its dining room can accommodate meetings, parties, and even corporate events. Even the whole hotel can be hired for any occasion.

As a popular tourist destination, there are plenty of special places to stay in this part of Cornwall in Tintagel and nearby Boscastle and Bossiney.