31 Dec

Top 5 Snorkeling Locations In Maui

Of all the things you could possibly do Maui snorkeling is the most popular… and for good reason. The isle has more miles of calm, swimmable beach than any other Hawaiian island, in addition to great weather and an average year around temperature of 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The island is surrounded by marine hotspots for divers and snorkelers alike, and you can choose any spot depending on what you want to see.

So what are the top spots for those interested in snorkeling in Maui? In reality, the good spots are easily accessible and located along the island’s west shore. They are home to healthy living coral reefs that provide shelter to an abundance of tropical fish and other marine life that is a joy to watch.

Top 5 Maui snorkeling spots

1. Molokini crater

This is arguably the most popular snorkeling spot. This is due to the high visibility of the inner, protected waters as well as the abundance of lush marine life. This crescent-shaped, partially submerged volcanic crater is like no other snorkeling location in the world; it is ecologically perfect for marine life breeding and feeding and hosts more tan 25 species of Hawaiian tropical fish. The crystal clear waters in the crater offer great visibility, making it popular for scuba diving as well.

2. Coral gardens

These are located near the center of the western Maui shoreline. It is home to numerous species of bright-colored fish, breathtaking formations of coral reef and a few green Hawaiian sea turtles. During winter, you can also catch a glimpse of humpback whales during the yearly migration to the Maui waters.

3. Five caves

This is another top spot for those interested in snorkeling in Maui. It is also popular among scuba divers. Five Caves is home to a variety of marine life that includes harmless reef sharks and green sea turtles. The area is best accessed by boat, but you can also use Makena road in South Kihei to access the beach.

4. Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve

This is believed to be one of the youngest and most delicate eco-reef zones in Maui. It is a small cove that is great to snorkel within a small group, especially if it consists of young children who do not feel comfortable in open water. Here, the coastline is jagged and mostly consists of intermixed formations of coral reef and lava rock, tropical fish swim very close to the coastline. To get the best views, try snorkeling closest to the road in the protected bay.

5. Turtle Town 

Aptly named, this is the best snorkeling location in Maui if your sole intention is to watch the green Hawaiian turtles. The turtles may even approach you out of curiosity, but there is also an abundance of colorful marine life. Turtle Town is characterized by clear waters, calm wind conditions and a gentle slope that will allow you to find the ocean depth you are most comfortable at.